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The frick is this nonsense. Right, uh… gotta think of something quick.

I know. I’m a failure. Ehm. I mean. Ahahahah… act cool, act smart, act fake as fuck so people with like you… right… you can do this roxie… i believe in you… eheheh… fuck.

AH HELL NO, I AIN’T ABOUT THAT SHIT. This is the REAL DEAL. But really though, I’m Roxie (she/her, trans girl, but I’m super chill about it) and I’m a filthy, heathenous know-it-all smartass that thinks she’s worth your time. I’m an in-your-face, filthy-ass motherfucker who ironically loves everyone and loves the world. And especially you.

So what exactly started me streaming? That’s funny. I just did it, thought “oh look there’s literally no editing,” and started doing it. Sounded easy, sounded fun, and I’m naturally somewhat skilled with marketing. Thought it’d be a blast. Expectations kinda dwindled when I looked at my viewer count, but that’s fine. LOL.

Honestly though? I just like getting lost in worlds, in games that draw you in, and don’t let you go. I see games as experiences, and I want to share these experiences with as many people as possible. Certain games, you can just FEEL the soul put into them. You can see how people LOVED making it, and put EVERYTHING into it. They’re often underrated, because they’re given harsh reviews and criticisms, or try to break the mold, when really? You just need to appreciate it for what it is.

That’s all that really started my channel. My passion for games that are actually enjoyable, and aren’t just a development nightmare where everyone slogged through the process of getting it to launch phase. Developers need to enjoy what they make, and have that undying, UNYIELDING PASSION towards it. Otherwise it just doesn’t feel right. It has to be genuine.

Just like the way I stream. I try to be as genuine as possible. I make real connections, and expose myself in ways that are inexplicably me. You don’t like me? Well, too bad. I’m gonna be me until the day I fuckin’ die, bitches. There are so many people with fake personalities that get a lot of traction on twitch, youtube, and so on. But in reality? Twitch is just a way for me to fully express myself in ways that aren’t limited by some bullshit “business friendly” or “society friendly” filter. I believe that if you are genuine enough, and real enough, people with the same mindset will gravitate towards you. Good people will come your way. But also people who just want to fuck you over. But hey, that’s life. I’m living it. And guess what?

Yep. You guessed right. I’m an edgelord, and I know it. Big deal. At least I’m not a cringe bitch. I embrace it. HA. But really, my point is, just be yourself. That’s what I aim to present with my channel: Truth, for what it is. I’m trying to open myself up to the world, in any manner that I can. I want to change people’s lives for the better, let them know someone’s there for them, and let them have a good laugh with me. Like I said, I love everyone. There’s nothing, and no one, in this world I don’t love with all my heart. And I believe there’s a light in everyone’s soul, a beauty waiting to be uncovered.

Sometimes I care too much, but that’s alright. I learn from it.

OH RIGHT! I forgot, totally forgot. Since this is basically a post about my channel, I should probably let people know that I mostly play RPG’s, action titles, atmospheric stuff, and generally things that are just an experience to the player and the viewer. Things that inflict real, true emotion on the individual. Games that are more artwork than an actual game. One such game I’m playing right now is Final Fantasy 13. Very underrated, extremely beautiful, and really just an emotional rollercoaster <3

As for a schedule? Pffff. Is that a joke? I just try and stream 2 times a week, when I have days off. It’s pretty unpredictable, but I’ll get a schedule eventually. Right now, I’m just figuring stuff out.

Wanna join my discord and talk to me? My DM’s are 100% open and I reply fairly quickly when I’m home and awake. Here’s the link: https://discord.gg/gjRybe2

Much love guys <3 Hope to see you there~

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