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Hello, My Name is Ruben Aka LanternPose. I am 24 and I have been working at a server factory for 4 years now. What I do is test and repair hardware components. I am huge nerd when it come to Anime, Comics, Card Games, Airsoft, and most of all Gaming. When growing up as kid, my grandpa will show me all his collection of old comics and action figures from the late 90’s to the early 80’s. Also I was inspired to stream because of my uncle ( He is a streamer as well lol). So as I grew up I explored a lot of different games, anime and comics. That is why I wanted to become a streamer.

I am a Twitch streamer, gaming video creator and will be soon streaming from other streaming platforms. I hit Affiliate in August of 2019. I have been a streamer for the past 11 months now on twitch. I am a variety gamer that streams games I never played before or brings classic games back to life. I’m also learning how to make an awesome community and how to improve my quality and performance on my videos and streaming. In my discord community I guild and help new streamers to the right path as I am learning how to grow myself. I love meeting new gamers and nerds and how they express their video games.

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