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I’m Jamie from Canada and I am celebrating my 4 year wedding Anniversary in 9 days. Time flies fast when you are enjoying life. And I am! I have two adorable cats, Nila, named after a character in the Lion King and Tinkerbell (Tinker) named after the fairy in Peter Pan.

I was streaming on Mixer and was headed for partnership until microsoft decided to team up with Face Book gaming. So now I’m streaming on Face book and loving it. I use Meowgamer as my name as it represents two things I am passionate about. Cats and gaming. (I am passionate about a number of things, but couldn’t incorporate them all into a streaming name LOL)

I stream World of Warcraft, Dead by Daylight and Grand Theft Auto. I have been playing WOW for many years, but just recently got into DBD and thoroughly enjoying it. I stream 5 days a week at least usually around 8 p.m. EST, but lately I have been testing out different times to see where most people would prefer to watch my streams.

I am a happy person by nature, love meeting, chatting to new and old friends on my channel. I met my best friend while playing WOW and she now mods for me. Streaming has given me a sense of purpose and has really helped with my self confidence. The friends I met while streaming energize my life and mean so much to me.

I want to thank so many people I have met along this adventure that have befriended me and helped me to be the best I can be. Thank you all, you know who you are.

I would love to have you come and join me at fb.gg/meowgamerX on Facebook | MeowGamer on DLive and MeowGamer on Trovo   Everyone is welcome. Looking forward to meeting you!

You can find MeowgamerX also at: Twitter | Instagram | YouTube