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My name, is The_CursedTitan. I am a variety streamer over on twitch.

I originally started streaming to cope with my mental and physical health issues such as depression, self harm and suicidal thoughts. An escape rope if you will. This is also where my name comes from, I’ve always felt cursed after being severely bullied for 13 years of my life and I always felt that that curse was looming over me.
I would also like to point out that I am only 19 years old and don’t turn 20 till Jan.

With streaming I try to stream every day I possibly can, Just its always later for me as I work full time and stream on the side. It’s become routine to stream on a Monday with 3 other streamers known as: Azurakite, Bowtai1 and DragonesePlaying where we having a running joke that we share a singular brain cell between the four of us.
On Tuesdays I’m usually caught playing the only multiplayer game I can handle, Titanfall 2. Wednesdays Are usually a mystery but are currently for my Pokemon sword/first nuzlocke run. Thursdays are now for a community based minecraft server where I am making the whole of the Pokemon maps, starting with kanto, in minecraft. Fridays are once again a mystery but I usually end up playing starting with F, like fable or fallout.
Saturdays are where I host what I call communities choice where I choose 5 games out of my whole games library across all platforms and let my community (Discord, twitter and twitch chat) decide. And lastly, Sunday, this is also a mystery but is usually the one day I am willing to sacrifice if I need to catch up with sleep or focus on something else to improve the stream.

I attempt to start all my streams for 20:00 GMT/BST (GMT+1) but cant always achieve this because of various different pets, mainly the birds and I advise people that I will be live between 20:00 and 21:00.

You can find The_CursedTitan also at: Twitch | Twitter

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