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my name is LegitD and welcome.
I go by many names around the internet such as Legit, Dinosaur, Legit_Dinosaur, Dino and well Tom (my real name).

I have recently decided to become and Online Entertainer / N00b Gamer and Twitch is my display of choice. #TeamLegitD

I never grew up with a dream of becoming a twitch streamer or content creator, my adventure started off with doing things for friends, then new friends entered my life and the old ones left, one of my treasured new friends said “hey Tom you are really fun and amazing to be around” its been 3 years now and I have loved every day on twitch.

right now I hope to become and 👽 SCP streamer. I love the law behind the SCP foundation, I love the spooks I get and some of the game devs of them are super awesome. I love horror games, Visual Novels with friends and just being a goof ball.

I love helping others, with my years of experience I have tried my best to help others get on the right path and support them with all I know. I am not the best at this by far but I am happy with all that I do.

Wanna know anything else just ask!

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