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My name is Estevan Padron, my channel name is derpygaming456, I named it because of my favorite pony from My Little Pony named Derpy Hooves. I am a streamer that plays mostly Modern Warfare, Fallout 76, and other Xbox games. I only have an Xbox to stream but I am getting a Gaming PC in the future. I just reached affiliate last week all thanks to my friends that supported me. I started streaming like about 2 years ago but then stopped a year ago, then came back into streaming about 3 months ago. On what makes me entertaining is sometimes my fails that makes them laugh, and the hype I try to build up. I am very social with people in chat while I play so I love making friends in Twitch. I stream every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5 PM PDT. I do have a 24 hour stream coming this Saturday at 8 AM PDT for the celebration for getting 100 followers. That’s pretty much it about me. Hope you’ll enjoy the streams.

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