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Hey 😀 I’m IraahcimaS,. I know it’s difficult to pronounce my name xD but you can call me Iraah. I like streaming League of Legends, Fortnite and mobile games. I’m main adc and support. I like Jinx, Jhin and Sona. My best skin is Star Guardian Jinx ♥ Sometimes I play jungle (warwick). When I get bored I play top with darius xD. I’m now focusing on streaming mobile games like Free Fire, 8 ball pool, Brawl Stars, COD mobile and PUBG. For free fire, my goal is to reach heroic each season and why not global rank. My main goal is to become partner with Twitch. I try to upload regularly some videos on my YouTube channel, I hope one day I will become partner with Garena. In case you want to contact me, feel free to DM me on discord : Iraahcimas#1467 or send me an E-Mail here : iraahcimas@gmail.com
Thanks for reading this . Much LOVE ♥

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