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Hi, I’m Stefan, but online my name is AdmiralMaul, I’ve actually used this name for a long time. When I and my friend came up with it, we thought of a light side Darth Maul as an Admiral in Starfleet. And we’ve used it as one of my nicknames forever and I’ve used it as most of my tags. I started streaming around June 2019, but it didn’t really kick into gear until mid-August of 2019. I honestly wanted to start streaming so I could get my career as a content creator started. I stream from my PC, and I use Streamlabs. I use a Blue Yeti for my mic, Redragon Keyboard and Mouse. I only have 1 monitor so I use my phone to keep track of viewers and events. I don’t have any camera or a nice chair or stream deck or anything like that. I stream and play, FPS Games like MW, Battlefront 2, Apex Legends, Fallout 76. MMOs like WoW. Free to Play Games like WoWs and War Thunder. RTSs like C&C, Stellaris, Sins of a SE, Stronghold 2, 3 and Legends. And a bunch of other games like Minecraft, etc. I love doing voices and quotes, especially my famous Hello There when talking to viewers and others in-game. I love interacting with my viewers and talking to them and I love listening to my alerts when they are triggered cause me and my viewers love them. At the moment I don’t exactly have a schedule per se, I try to stream whenever I can. You guys can find me streaming at twitch all the time. I also make videos on YouTube and vocals at some point. I’m on Twitter and Instagram as well. All my other links are in the linktr.ee

You can find AdmiralMaul also at: Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | | https://linktr.ee/AdmiralMaul

Watch live video from https://www.twitch.tv/AdmiralMaul on www.twitch.tv