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Chibi Valkyrie Games

Chibi Valkyrie Games

This is the story of a girl whocriedariveranddrownedthewholeworld – not really ;). I’ve had an interest in streaming for a long time now but was hesitant to dip my foot for a few reasons; mostly because my humour and language can be a bit uh – I think the kids say edgy? And I didn’t want to come across the wrong way! I even chuckled a little at the ‘family friendly’ stream tag as it’s far from my cup of tea. Having said that, I’ve had a lot of wholesome, genuine moments with the Twitch community. It’s been amazing to see how inclusive, supportive and creative the community is!
My Twitch name ‘ChibiValkyrie’ has been my gamer tag for years now. At least, that or other versions of that. Sometimes just Chibi – or sometimes Valkyrie. I thought about how I’d love to represent my brand, but sometimes, the simplest and most obvious answer is the right one. I’ve been ChibiValkyrie all along!

Having grown up with three older brothers, gaming has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Even before we had our Mac (dw, fam, I’ve since moved on from Apple) or our first PS1 – my brothers and I would play outside making up imaginary games where we had magical powers and intricate back stories.

I enjoy a variety of games but story heavy RPGs will always be my bread and butter. Buuuut, there’s nothing wrong with a cheeky FPS (mindless violence in Bulletstorm is a good time), RTS (I’m going to include Frostpunk here because it’s not a chill city builder) or some chill fun with Tropico or Sims. As an Aussie, it’s been challenging for me to try to align with other time zones. But I’m really keen to grow my community and get to know all of you! Please come say hi :). Or yo. Or hai. Or howdy. 🙂

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