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Caffeine and Creeps

Caffeine and Creeps

Heya, my name’s Opal, and I absolutely adore Mobas, that’s where the name Caffeine and Creeps originated. My intense love of all things that get my brain active such as coffee, energy drinks, and tea also had a solid part in it. I generally enjoy playing things like league of legends, heroes of the storm, dota, WoW, RPGs such as Skyrim, horror games. My taste in things to stream is extremely varied. On stream I’m an absolute goofball with very little regard for my own appearance in terms of being a doofus to entertain others. I’m definitely not above making weird noises, goofy faces, and screaming “OH GOD NO” out of nowhere if it gets a laugh out of anyone. I tend to stream at five pm central when I’m on a solid schedule, but due to some home issues my schedules a bit varied currently. Hope to see you soon!

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