Twitch Rolling out New DMCA Tools to Help Streamers

In their November blog post and during their Town Hall in December, Twitch shared their commitment to solving the following three problems for creators:

First, you need to be able to view your copyright strike status on Twitch so you always know where you stand. Second, you need tools that make it easier to decide what you share on your channel and when. And third, you need more resources to help you understand your rights and the rights of others under copyright law when you stream. These three areas have been and will continue to be their blueprint for 2021, and today we’re announcing the first set of updates that are rolling out to all creators.

Product integrations that let you know where you stand with DMCA notifications and copyright strikes:

  • If you receive a DMCA notification, you will now be notified on Twitch in your “My Channel” inbox, in addition to the email Twitch normally send.
  • Track the number of copyright strikes on your account directly in your Video Producer.

Added functionality to help you control what VODs you share on your channel:

  • Last December, Twitch added functionality that allows you to unpublish individual VODs, giving you the ability to review them without having them be publicly visible. Starting today, you can unpublish all of your VODs at once or in batches of up to 20 at a time.
  • You can also now delete all your VODs at once or in batches of up to 20 at a time.
  • Watch all VODs, including unpublished VODs, directly in your Video Producer (no need to download first).

Here’s a quick look at what’s on their roadmap:

  • April – June, 2021:
    • Multi-track audio support in Twitch Studio, so that you can control which audio sources go to your live stream and which go to your VODs and Clips
    • We’re re-architecting their Clips database so that Twitch can expand selective deletion capabilities in the second half of the year (below)
    • We’re also rebuilding their DMCA tooling to support the new features planned in the second half of the year (below)
  • July – December, 2021
    • New filtering options for Clips that allow you to delete Clips by date, game, or view count
    • Review the VODs identified in DMCA notifications in your Creator Dashboard
    • Easily submit a counter-notification directly from your Creator Dashboard

We have more work to do, but Twitch hope these updates help make your lives easier while streaming. As a reminder, please only include copyrighted material in your streams and videos if you are authorized to do so, and consider deleting VODs and Clips that might have recorded music in them if you’re unsure about the rights.

As always, your feedback helps us build a better Twitch together, so let us know what you think in their UserVoice. And if you want to learn more, today (March 17) at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT, djWHEAT and Head of Creator Products Jeremy Forrester will go live on /Twitch to answer your questions about these new features. Looking forward to seeing you there.