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I am a variety game, streamer, I have been on twitch for over 5 years, I try to go live as many times I can possible, and make new friends, and share my experiences with other people is what i enjoy to do mostly. why is streaming my passion, because I enjoy to learn the skills of a game alongside teaching my viewers new stuff, and them helping me to complete multiple levels also. I am a decent gamer, I enjoy playing shooters, and games where i can explore a lot, also I enjoy reading statistics and analysing things that change is very interesting to me, i am currently 19 years old, and enjoy having fun with everyone along the way, and making sure that i am staying healthy in-between i also prioritise so i try to avoid becoming ill. I also like to try and get a good sense of achievement, when i am enjoying a game i feel like completing alot of new stages just makes it more interactive and fun.

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