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Hi I’m mat aka ch4pst4r, I’m a variety streamer as well as a trophy hunter/achievement hunter. I mainly play games that have a campaign to them. I love the assassins creed collection, which are what started me streaming.
I mostly stream to interact with other people and make new friends as well as other streamers to check out. I’ve been gaming since the sega mega drive which to this day is still my favourite console followed by the Nintendo game cube,
List of my favourite games are
#1- Assassins Creed 2
#2. Assassins Creed (Black flag)
#3. Need for speed underground 2 (I really want a remaster)
#4- Middle earth(shadow of war)
#5- Assassins Creed Odyssey.

My streams mainly consist of me grinding for trophies and to 100% complete the game, I do play call of duty sometimes with a few friends but mainly stick to what I’m good at.
So far I have 2 platinum trophies since starting to stream.

Thanks for reading
I hope to see a few of you soon

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