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Hey I’m Aqua I’m a young streamer I will stream loot of other games when I get a computer but for now I play on ps 4
About Me I’m Oliwier im 13.5 years old I very like to stream I live in Poland
My main game is Minecraft, and when I get more followers I will do some giveaways. My discord will be showed on my stream and I got Snapchat too. I don’t like being toxic, and
I like other big streamers, as you can probably tell I’m new to this platform. I enjoy playing with viewers and engaging, participate. I stream for fun, but am also streaming for donations so that I can get a gaming computer, and my goal is to reach 10k followers. Nobody has to feel like they have to donate, I enjoy just having people show up and chat. Later, when I get my gaming PC I will play a lot of other games and be more of a variety streamer. I will do montages on my YouTube Channel and some highlights and some funny moments as well. I think that’s all for you, I would appreciate if you follow and check out my stream.

Thanks for Reading and have a good day, hope to see you at my stream.

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