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Random, chill not going fake hype or reactions even though I be funny seeing that from me but if you put Jim Carrey random humor, Johnny Depp weird facts and South Park sometimes humor you’ll get me. Where my name came from? I used to be a Tapxforbeers but due to something that happened in my life I changed it to this. Still same but funny name as it reminds me of my personality almost lol.  What games do I play?

I play everything except them dating games


  • a box from a 1970 bar
  • a gallon tea from one i drank just now
  • a kitchen chair from my apartment
  • a busted shoe from wearing for years
  • a Xbox controller use to be a console gamer so brought it to pc due to didn’t want to pay for them subs fees or new console every year
  • annnnnn pc stuff

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random words hello hello

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