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My name is Briana and I’ve been gaming my whole life. My first game ever was Tekken and it’s been my favorite game series ever since. I used to play all the time with my dad and I would always pick Nina Williams. To this day, Nina Williams is still my main.

I also like the Dead or Alive series, Mortal Kombat, Soul Blade and Soul Calibur, and Bloody Roar. As I got older, I got more into Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, then Tomb Raider, SSX Tricky, and Streets of Rage.

I have been streaming for a little over a year on Twitch and just hit Affiliate a few months ago. I mainly stream Overwatch, but I also like to stream some action-adventure games from time-to-time. When I’m not streaming, I like to play more Overwatch and help other streamers get to affiliate. The average views are usually the hardest to get so I do what I can to help them get views by hosting or raiding their stream.

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