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Tea Latte Night

Tea Latte Night

Hey there! My name is Laura Luna and I write for several videogames websites in Spanish. You can listen to me at Radio Para Gamers podcast. Every night you can see me playing games I have in my library, creating a virtual soiree with beautiful people while having tea. I love graphic adventures, RPG, fighting games, hack and slash… I mostly stream in Spanish, but I can speak English if you stop by my chat. Every Saturday night I play with subscribers: Overwatch, Among Us, you name it.

I’m not into big challenges, because I have them already in my everyday life. Videogames are for me an oasis to forget about the hard mode we already play outside our console/PC. Of course, it’s a LGTB-friendly site, and I want to provide a positive space for cool people. Of course, bigotry is not allowed.

You can find me on Twitch at around 23:00 (UTC+1). Get ready your cup and come to have some tea with me!

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