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Hi my name is Sam aka Sw33t. Twitch name is Sw33tPow3r
I was born in the 90’s, I’m from SoCal, I work full-time and stream on my days off Mon-Tues/ or when I can. My favorite foods are pizza, lobster/shrimp, alfredo pasta. Favorite drink is boba milktea/smoothies. I like EDM, Pop and Rock Music. I’m a fan of Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars just to name a few. The main game I stream is Mario Kart 8, but I also play variety: Final Fantasy VII Remake, Marbles on Stream, Fall Guys, Among us, Overwatch and more. I enjoy playing games w/ viewers, interacting with chat and make everyone feel welcome. I also like to chill in streams, support others when I can and hang out with my community off stream in Discord and have movie nights.

Goals on Twitch: Make a lot of friends, grow my community to it’s fullest potential and have the viewership for Path to Partner (been streaming for 4 years so far) so it would be amazing to fulfill that dream and all the support is appreciated.

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