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Hello! My name is Sh0wtig3r, but you can call me sh0w or tig3r! I have been a female variety streamer for 2 years as of November 2020. When you enter my stream you can expect a bubbly personality, a strong team of mods who constantly harass me with love, a warm welcoming community and most likely a lot of me stumbling my words because English can be hard at times!

My current favorite games are the Kingdom Hearts Series, Beat Saber, and the sims 4 but you can find me playing all ranges of games on my channel. Most recently we have unlocked a fall guys stream and some scary VR games which we bought a heart rate monitor for!

You also may be wondering where my name came from – sh0wtig3r was born not only because of my love for tigers but from a high school nickname “tiger” that my bestfriend would always call me. I created sh0wtig3r as a way to game with my friends and have fun but it has truly turned into a love of mine as well as a second family within my community!

If you want to join in on a good laugh, hop on over to the tigers den now! But be warned, just like cookies – our community can be very addicting!

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