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Fiend_UKHello my name is Damien, I am Fiend_UK on Twitch and I create content on YouTube, I enjoy streaming when I play games on my ps4, I was a Dead by Daylight main streamer but I’m planning to do more of a variety like recently I’ve been streaming Warframe and I like games where I grind to level up or games where I can build my character to have abilities I want, also I love streaming games what I enjoy and I love people coming in and joining me on whatever I’m playing. I started streaming a few months ago, my name Fiend_UK was inspired by Morf_UK because I’ve always wanted a one syllable name but obviously it’s a bit a struggle to find one syllable names but when I saw Morf and how he incorporates UK in his name I thought I’d give it a try and for me it works. I don’t profess to be a top streamer, I just enjoy meeting new people and just having a laugh because I believe I’m just a genuine guy from Lancashire UK. anyways enough of me, I hope to see u when I’m live, my schedule is non existent coz of family commitments so streaming for me is just to get away from IRL for a bit and just have fun. Thank you for reading this and if I’m live come and say hello, I’d love to hear from you.

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