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Just a disabled veteran, turned streamer! I hope to help spread awareness of mental health and suicide awareness! I stream every day except for Sunday! I am Affiliated with the No Gamer Left Behind Movement! Me and several streamers that are dedicated to help others through their days and help other streamers build to do the same!|| Veteran Airborne Combat Medic || Fight Suicide with me on twitch!

Apply to join the mission! and Join us in changing the world! https://discord.gg/53jXNWvstA

we just reached 1k on Twitch!!! It is all because of you! Much Love and warning I will be having a 24 hour stream plus a giveaway for the absolute amazing milestone!! So I will announce when that event will happen on my channel https://twitch.tv/sergeantmurica

Sunday: Day Off
Monday: Recording Day for Youtube
Tuesday: Recording Day for TikTok
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Wednesday: 5pm MST/8pm EST
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