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I am of House Miracle, the First of my name, Guardian of the the Kitchen, Protector of the Couch, the Mother of Chickens, the Khaleesi of the Great House Miracle, the Unburnt, and the Breaker of Balls.

Hey y’all!! I’m a southern woman, momma of two, nature lover, and nerd. Mental health therapist by day, gamer at night. I love to play horror, action adventure, play with viewers, and retro games with an occasional FPS game! (on stream anyways). I love all things Yoshi and Super Mario World related! Campaign games and multiplayer games!

SAFE SPACE for everyone! LGBTQIA+ friendly! I do not tolerate any bulling or hate speech of any kind!! Chill vibes! We like to talk with one another, hang out in discord chats, and play games together!

If this sounds like a place you would be interested in joining, hop on over to my channel and check out the content! If you like it, drop a follow! I can’t wait to meet you!

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