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Hello! My name is Chris or HeadBanger90 – a casual, variety PC streamer from Latvia! I’m a drummer and a huge fan of rock and metal music. Whenever I perform on stage, I can’t help but bang my head along with the music, that’s how I came up with the name – HeadBanger.
I’ve been streaming on twitch since the beginning of 2020 and my favorite games to stream are RPGs, Indie, MMOs, Souls-like and Anime-style. My streams are entertaining to watch because I always try to be myself while live, I interact with my chat, tell jokes, try to take suggestions and quite often fall for trolling if I don’t know much about the game I’m currently playing. My streaming schedule is quite chaotic at the moment but I do try to stream every day or any other day.
So far streaming on Twitch has been awesome! I’ve met a lot of awesome people on the platform, as well as made some really close friends! If you would like to check my stream out, make sure to drop by! Let’s talk about games, nerdy stuff, crack some dad jokes or just chill out!
Peace! 🙂

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