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I am the horror curator and stream caster who shares my love of anything horror from games, to movies, to cosplay and to the occult like tarot reading and occult books. I am, about building a community of like-minded individuals who value curiosity and inclusiveness. I started streaming on March 2020. I believe what makes me different from other horror streamers, is that my stream serves as a hub for other streamers to network and get recognized. Whenever a streamer arrives in my live stream, they get their own stream avatars walking on my overlay, an awesome shout out and even a more personal shout out from me I am known to have scary to derpy filters every time which is depending on the game that I’m playing. My stream can get really loud from my frightened screams to the hype of the raid, raining bitties and other events. I am fond of reading aloud, social eating (Mukbang stream), IRL streams for sub goals achieved, collaborations/co-stream/multi stream games with other streamers, interactive games where my chat has a say to how I play the game through streamloots, variety of fun channel rewards to be redeemed, and community events such as Marbles on Stream, Jackbox Party Games, Among Us, One Troll Army, and Stream Racer.

Who is Hauntress Aela?
[Birthday] March 23
[Country] Canada
[Platform(s)] PC
[Hobbies] Reading, Watching Anime/Movies, tabletop games/board games/card games, outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, and more
[About Myself] I stream mostly Horror RPG every M-Tue-F 1 pm EST at http://twitch.tv/hauntress_aela I am the host of LetMeReadThat Podcast on Spotify which is also available on Soundcloud !

Sun sign: ♈︎

Moon Sign: ♋︎

Celtic Animal: Fox


Movie Genres I watch: Psychological horror & thriller, True Crime/Crime Fiction, Sci-fi

[Recently finished games] Evil Within + DLC’s, Outlast 1 + 2, Pacify, Call of Chutulhu, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the Council, Alan Wake and more :3
[Favorite game/genre/system]I play both multiplayer and single player RPG/ FPS/ Third Person/ Narration/ Interactive Fiction/ Action/ Detective/ Atmospheric/ Point and Click/ Choices Matter/ Walking Simulator/ Mystery/ Psychological Horror and Thriller games.
My top 2 [Favorite games] Payday 2 & Skyrim
[Brand color] Purple
[Pet] Dexter – 5 year old Bengal cat

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