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I am 49 and retired due to medical problems. I play many games but mainly World Of Warcraft, I am playing Starwars : Squadrons And may be playing some Man Eater in the next few days. I have had a little help in sorting things out from a good friend Justin Germino (Dragonbloggers).
I Game Quite a lot. I Have just started Streaming and I am learning the ropes slowly. I shall be building a seperate pc to do the streaming in the next week so it will take off some of the strain from the machine i am on presently. I have ordered the parts, its now just time till they arrive.
I game on a laptop with i7-9750 and an NVidia 2070 6gb graphics. 32gb ram and 2 x 1tb NVME SSD in raid 0.

I am married with 3 awesome kids and a beautiful wife. I am awaiting an operation on my left knee to replace LCL and ACL. Not looking forward to it. but it will give me more movement and allow me to do stuff with my kids more.

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