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Hi there,

I’m Cristian from www.gamer4fun2u.com, and I have a Twitch/YouTube gaming channel, that you can check out here: https://www.twitch.tv/gamer4fun2u.
I stream/let’s play content on a daily basis for the last 2 years.
My channel is actively growing and I’ve recently hit 4,300 followers (Twitch) and have 40-70 average viewers.
Also, have an active discord community and website.
42 years old gamer. I’m from Romania but live in London. Married…..2 kids:)
I like all sorts of video games(except BR)……..and…play because…..i’m a gamer 🙂 4fun ! Questions?? Ask me!!
I love to play RPG games, most of the times…
Streaming for fun…because I’m a gamer….and I play anyway 🙂
Also….try to help others to grow up( we are small….and we need help), promoting, doing giveaways all the time on my discord, twitch channel, website.
For any question/requests, feel free to contact me on discord, any time!
PS. Love to be part of new communities! 🙂 Really appreciate the opportunity!
Thank you very much!

You can find gamer4fun2u also at: Twitch | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Discord

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