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Hello, everyone, I’m conivor! I started streaming at the end of 2019. I play in the metal band sleep when we’re dead. Signed to Sikside records and I’m a beekeeper! I own an aquarium cleaning business! I stream everything I do from beekeeping to aquariums to games from the past to the future. im a variety streamer! you can catch me streaming GTA RolePlay, halo, Splitgate, Apex, PUBG and crowed play games!! When your are ready to rock you can catch a live show on my stream! LIVE METAL MUSIC say what!? if you come to my channel get ready to laugh, cry, get scared and have fun! Sometimes you will hear me doing funny voices bc I always wanted to be a voice actor. sometimes we get competitive and will do tournaments. If you like bees, metal music, aquariums, video games and fun my channels is the place you wanna be!

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