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Heya! I’m a Pokémon streamer. I’d love for you to come and stop by, even if it’s just to say hi. I do deck unboxings, Pokémon shopping, TCG giveaways, and i play the games on my ds too! (Such as Pokemon X and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire)
Sometimes I will play other games but my twitch channel is mainly based on Pokémon. I’ve been struggling with money recently, And I’ve been trying to grow my account but the most I’ve gotten in my last two streams was 2 viewers, I am always open to donations and my cash app is $cassidyjadeluv.

My biggest dream is to become a big twitch streamer one day with an active chat.

You can also join my discord server, made freshly on 11/5/21, called Pokémafia!

I listed my link as a url.

Thank you for reading for this long, although I expect not many people to 🙂 Bye! ❤️

You can find AlcremieV also at: Twitch | Discord

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