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To start with, I’m a very interesting fellow, who’s very hard to understand. A selfless attitude towards anyone whom I come across with. I’m of a very friendly nature and love to be with people who aren’t selfish.

Ambitious can do anything to achieve my aim. I’m of a very competitive nature but love to find good in everything I see. According to me, there are many things that make us depressed or upset, but that doesn’t mean that we stop living. In fact, problems are a sign of life. They make us believe that we are living. The only people who have no problems are in cemeteries. So we shall be fortunate that we have problems. It enhances our minds. This is the philosophy of my life.

I’m a lover of nature. Rain, moon, clouds, gardens, greenery is all I’m the most attracted towards. I love to be around it. I’m a lover of peace, harmony, and prosperity around me.

English is my heart. I’m devoted to it. I won’t have any existence without it. I have completely surrendered myself to it. Writing poems and reading books is my passion.

About my schedule, so I’m a very punctual fellow, love to have all the work on time and the way I wish to.

There are many people living in the world having different personalities. This is the personality that makes everyone unique and different from others. Talking about myself, I’m a rare piece of myself. You can’t find a person in the same way as that of mine. I am a self-centered fellow, loves to adore the beauty of life and achieve my dreams. I have an aim, that’s to become the Secretary-general of the United Nations Organization. And I would do anything to achieve my goal.

I love to motivate the depressed, help the impoverished. I try to make those smile who have lost hopes, became hopeless, who wish to end up living. I wish to make them live lively again.

Talking about family, I love my father whom I address as pops. He’s motivating, encouraging, and always goes in hand-in-hand with me. He has always loved to stay by my side when things go against me. He’s not just my dad, he’s a companion for life. He never minds me disturbing at 2 at night just to ask a question about academics.

I have many friends, and really very fortunate to have them. They are very open-minded and encouraging. They really love me, and even when I forget them, they would never forget me. By the grace of God, I have them. May they be blessed and successful in the course of life. May they have all that they wish to achieve.

I am very fortunate to have all my friends, my dear parents, sisters. May God bless them with happiness, joy, and prosperity. May God provide them with a long life.
May everyone reading this answer be safe, happy, and be successful in the course of life!!!

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