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Hello, my name is Leon and I am Croatian in origin. My twitch stream name is WaRneD1337 and I’ve been streaming for past several years on and off, but it was always my dream as a kid to be a full-time streamer. I play a wide variety of games as I own more than 300+ in my library across all possible platforms. I interact with all my viewers in real time and I try to play games together with as many people as possible from the stream I’m always open up for new adventures. I love all types of games. I give my best to stream 7 days a week minimum of 5hours a day, with an exception over weekends where my streams last up to 15 hours+. I do not have any sponsors except myself, I tend to do giveaways for the games that I play and quizzes that can earn u small/big amount of valuables from the current game that I am playing, be it real-life valued money or just in game currencies/items. I often do game giveaways for a chance for a viewer to come and play the game with me. Subscriptions are more than welcome to my channel, but donations will be forwarded to charitable purposes for the current situation in the world depending on the crisis. I try to give the most out to the people that come from the people to me.

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