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Born and raised in norway but my roots are from serbia, hence the name” TheSerbian” Im a mental health enthusiast and a variety streamer, so i stream alot of diffrent types of games! my most recent ones are: Horror games, warzone, gang beasts, knockout city. im also founder of the community called “Alpha omega united” which is a streamer support group were we help eachother grow! ( always looking for more people to join btw”

other then that i mostly play with other people when i stream, except when i stream storymode games like “Witcher 3 or outlast”

The community i created was intentioned for other streamers to join, network and grow together! The thing i & the members of AOU go by is mutual growth!

Im always looking for new streamers and gamers to have podcasts with, were we can talk about many topics! This upcooming saturday i will have a podcast were we will talk about twitch, small streamer growth and how the new changes on twitch have affected the smaller streamers

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