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Greetings ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hoodie Gamer and I just became a vtuber thanks to the support of the following and community I have gotten. My friends Call me Hoodie and I would like you all as well to call me as such since we are now friends, my channel is a variety stream kind of channel that promotes gameplay and positive vibes with quotes or jokes. I am not a pro gamer but I do tend to get good at games once I play them long enough and plus you enjoy the deaths and funny animations. My preferred games are horror and RPGs so they usually get selected on a higher list than most games but I am willing to be flexible to the community needs and if it’s enjoyable to me. the goals of my channel are quite big but on a grand scale of things, meaning my job is to be a face and person you can rely on when the world been rough to you, or if your mood down and just need someone to talk to and laugh with. I wish to provide a setting that can help mend all this negativity and dog eats dog world by letting my channel be a sort of escape to those who are in the worst state than common folk but also help develop a community that will not be afraid to help others, an infection of positive deeds as I call it. I wanna make this place we share a better place for everyone and allow my stream to teach others that its okay to greet a stranger and if someone you do not know is in need of help that we will lend an ear or a hang to one another with the intent of building friendship and loyalty but I am rambling on. Thanks for reading this far and getting to know me on an overall view I hope I can be a streamer you enjoy watching and support or just donating a few seconds of your time is enough. just know I am grateful for you even being here. Be safe and have a wonderful day.

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