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I am an up and coming streamer trying to reach milestones and possibly make streaming a full time thing! I have all consoles and want to get tons of fans, any help towards that is much appreciated. My streaming times are currently hectic since i work overnight, but i will be making a schedule. I play a lot of games since i own all platforms. I started streaming about 2 years ago and have been going since. I get very loud and have dumb stuff that i say, and a silly invention just ask me about when you come! I stream Sunday through Friday, but weekdays varies since i work from Sunday to Thursday, so on my work days Ill stream from 9 am est till 12:00 pm. I would also do some giveaways once i hit milestones. The milestones i have in mind is every 100 followers i get i will be doing something special for all viewers!

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