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I am Adam, the Horror Historian. Lately I’ve been answering to just H, even my irl friends have started to call me that at this point.My good friend Scrubhime was the person who got me into streaming, I’ve been on the platform for about 3 years now. Currently a member of both of the Safe Space and PH16 stream teams. I’m a variety horror streamer, playing everything from Nintendo/famicom era to modern gaming. I use a variety of consoles as well as using my new desktop PC which is something I’m not exactly used to yet. What I’ve come to love is the “gimmick” I use while I stream. I have worked to make my stream school themed, beyond that my willingness to talk about anything and everything helps me engage people which I’m willing to do on and off stream. Currently because of quarantine I’ve been streaming every day roughly around 4pm EST.

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