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Hello im ForgotnGoGo but most just call me GoGo my name Forgotn comes from my own character I created and GoGo was a nickname given to him from a friend it just stuck I am w variety streamer on twitch I play Digimon, Among Us, Zelda, and many other games I love to chat with my stream and learn new things I have only been streaming for 2 months now and I have really enjoyed it I don’t use a facecam but I do run a pet cam which sometimes has puppies on it as my wife is a dachshund breeder. I love to involve my chat in the game I’m playing if I can with my Digimon game I asked for those in the chats favorite Digimon and have named them after them and I’m working on getting to there fav Digimon to help me in my game as my team please feel free to come join me

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