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Hey guys, I’m Josh aka Dr Sapphire Site [REDACTED] Admin and member of the Foundation (If you are a horror fan be sure to check out the SCP Foundation amazing reads from talented writers.) I am a Magic The Gathering streamer who streams daily playing MTG and maybe even raging at it with all my love and hate for the game! We have a small but growing community of wonderful people from all walks of life. I’m 37 almost 38 years old…lordy where did the time go? I have been streaming for about five years now and enjoy the community aspect of streaming more than anything else, being able to stream games for lovely people and having great banter with them is what keeps me going wouldn’t change it for the world. I am a lover of most games and will give just about anything a chance at least once. My horror lives close to my heart I love being scared and scaring others! So stop on by the stream give me a hey, hi, and hello! Everyone is always welcome here! As I always say Love and peace to all and stay safe people!

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