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Hello peeps, my name is ArcadeBear, I am a PS4 console streamer from Lancaster in Lancashire UK. I’m one of those streamers that basically streams when he can due to irl commitments. I stream a variety of games, whatever picks my fancy. One of the things that makes me stand out is things such as whether its 1 viewer 10 viewers 100 viewers it’s just as important and I like to think I’m like as my name I look terrifying by site but when you get to know me, I’m like a teddybear because I feel I’m a caring, loving, chilled kinda guy. Games I’ve tended to play the most is games like Minecraft, fortnite and games of PS PLUS If they interest me, however if I have a connection with someone and they fancy playing something I’ve got but just needs downloading that’s fine with me to because I love playing with friends. Anyways enough of me, hope to see you all real soon and maybe get to know each other in my discord which is a open invitation to you all.

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