Streamer Spotlight: Cabalette

So when I started Twitch streaming one of the very first people I ran into when starting my networking journey was Cabelette and I first learned about Team B42 from her.  What I found most engaging about Cabalette is her incredibly supportive and helpful nature toward other streamers, she often lead Team B42 raids and she was so supportive at encouraging raiders to give extra time and attention to people who hadn’t reached Twitch Affiliate yet by leaving tabs open, answers any questions open and honestly and is completely transparent when talking with viewers.  The other thing is her EXTREME passion for Apex Legends was quite entertaining.  She literally was the friendliest, nicest and most polite person when I saw her in the discord groups and talking on Discord raids and I was left cracking up hearing her rage during deaths in Apex Legends.  So much quick anger bursts in such a small package, Cabalette was one of the first people I reached out to for an interview and she finally had the to finish.

Here is my interview with Cabalette:

Justin: Tell Us About Yourself (notes include name (or just handle) where you are from…etc.

Cabalette:Ok, i am F** Michèle Oksana by my real name, indeed i’ve put some little “**” because my real first name is censured in English! hahaha thats why this one is kind of a secret, i try to keep it only between my family and close friends. But i am formally known as Cabalette, i receive this username from the leader of my very first team on online FPS, it got inspired from the username of the account of my big brother i was using by the time : Cabal. Other than that for a more classic intro :-Cabalette-Female-French (From France !)-FPS games fan  Justin:  Interesting, I am really curious now what the F** name is though I have an idea.  Kind of cool that your brother was Cabal and you are Cabalette a matching pair of Twitch names. When did you first realize you wanted to start streaming and when did you first start?  Cabalette: Well kinda hard to say when, I would say about two years ago I met a new friend who was most of the time live streaming. I had no clue what was Twitch at this period of my life and how to behave when someone is streaming in the voice chat so you can imagine how many times I derped, saying stuff I shouldn’t say live lol! Like I remember on time, a troll asked me in a chat “Cabalette what is your kink ??”, English isn’t my first language so right away instead of sneakily going on Google translate to avoid any drama, I asked loudly in the voice chat during the live stream of my friend “HEY WHAT’S A KINK ???”!! #derp. I started streaming a few months after hanging out with this same friend, I had some ideas on what streaming was about so I decided to try it since I know a lot of my friends on the game Titanfall 2 were curious to see my gameplay of this game (Note: Without bragging I was kind of a savage beast on this game, had a Titan with very high statistics sooo you knooowww lol hahaha). After few streams I realized how much I was enjoying sharing my emotions, my gameplay and getting to derp on my own stream with my viewers ! So I pretty much fell in love with it, and now its been about 2 years I’m on Twitch!

Justin: Titanfall 2 to this day is still probably my favorite FPS game for both the campaign and PVP modes with the titans honestly, it was streamlined so well and should really have been more popular. I wish they would have added titans to Apex Legends.  Some people just love entertaining as much as playing the games themselves, you see the people who really put their personalities into their streams and it really shows like yours does.

What streaming platforms do you go live on most often (Twitch/Mixer/YouTube…etc)?

Cabalette: I use Twitch and Twitch only! Rep the purple baby !

Justin: We go live almost always on Twitch too, but I have a lot of content posted directly to YouTube since I had that channel 10 years before Twitch, I also post my highlights and export them to YouTube if I think they will resonate being on YouTube after.  I did a few test streams to Mixer, Dlive and Facebook but just experiments, Twitch is my focus for 2019 and 2020 for now.  What devices do you prefer to stream from? (Console, PC…etc)

Cabalette: I have a lot of different platforms here, (of course I live with a lot of nerds hehehe) so i got the Switch, the PS4, the Xbox One, PC and more retro consoles like, the Dreamcast, the Nintendo 64, the Gamecube, (almost all the Playstation consoles from the first one to the 4th, except for the 3rd) I am more than aware of all the console wars, and I like peace and love but……BREAK IT DOWN Xbox One ftw! So yes I’m streaming Xbox stuff, but I am using a PC to capture my Xbox gameplay capito?Justin: I love my PS4 Pro but stream almost exclusively from my PC, I don’t have nearly as many consoles as you but with that PC you can capture and stream any of your consoles, and speaking of PC to capture, what is your preferred streaming hardware/PC/software setup? (Webcam, Elgado Streamdeck, SLOBS/StreamElements…etc) 

Cabalette: Welp. I am a big noob in term of PC specs so you’re gonna have to ask to my technician haha ! All I know is that i use an AverMedia the most of the time, my camera is from Logitech, and use OBS.

Justin: That is cool, AverMedia is a partner of ours and we are big fans of theirs.  They send our reviewers and streamers equipment to review and use regularly.  I bought an AverMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 to capture my Nintendo Switch gameplay too.  What is your short term goal < 3 months and long term goals with streaming?

Cabalette: For a long time I had some goals like (getting my affiliate status, then having +100 members on discord , then +200 etc…etc…) but I noticed that the more I was putting some pressure on myself by paying attention and focusing on stupid numbers, the less I was actually being myself and having fun! Because I was constantly looking at my viewers numbers and what not. When I am streaming, I never see my viewer count, and (almost) never check it, and to be honest it feels very good! So I decided to have as a permanent goal, only to have fun and try to make you laugh!

Justin: That is such excellent advice you aren’t the first streamer we have interviewed that says don’t focus on the numbers or they hid the viewer while streaming so they don’t let it affect their mood.  Stream as if you are streaming for thousands even if only 1 person is watching you.  Though that in itself is a piece of advice, do you have any additional advice you want to share with other people wanting to get into streaming and entertainment?

Cabalette: Ok well, I am not the god at streaming even though I think I have a pretty decent average (look ! She brags again !!!) lol! but as a moderator for a streaming community of 7k members (Team B42) , I did visit a lot of different channels, so from what I’ve seen and my personal experience here’s the few pieces of advice I would give:

Be yourself! Don’t try to imitate someone else, we like you because you are YOU!

Have fun! have fun and have fun ! If what you are doing is a burden for you, then stop and try to think of a new content!

Don’t sweat the numbers! Rome wasn’t built in a day !

Try to understand that unless you are a worldwide competitive player, one of the best on the planet and you are here to show the most crazy trick ever ….Streaming is about entertainment! So interact with your chat and be crazy! Do something unique! I dont wanna watch video games, I play them so unless you got something absolutely insane to show me, don’t just do that, do more.

And check the Twitch channel of TeamB42 which is the best inspiring advice I ever found over there.

Justin: You give some excellent tips and advice and during my interviews and conversations with other streamers opinions vary a lot, as do my polling of fans. Some follow games and not so much the streamer per se, they like watching the game play period because they are fans of the game, others follow the streamer for their personality.  And like you said, it is about entertainment, I ran into someone who streams as a puppet, created and entire online puppet persona and streams as this puppet on a webcam.  I will be interviewing them in the near future but they are a perfect example of someone doing an entertainment schtick.  But it isn’t all about the games either, I see artists streaming art creation, musicians streaming music creation and recording sessions and practice…etc.  Everyone can find a niche on something they love to do and share it with others, when you are passionate about something and can find a way to resonate and be entertaining at the same time it really resonates.

So Where, When and What Can People Find You Streaming and What Can They Expect From Your Streams?

Cabalette: As a moderator for a big community that supports other streamers you’ll find me very busy, that’s why i am not putting down any schedule for now and try to keep my audience posted as much as i can on social media. I can’t tell what you can expect from my stream, I am not gonna lie my channel is not the cup of tea for everyone so I’m not gonna tell you IT’S THE BEST THING I EVER SEEN YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED, I could say that if I was streaming my dogs yes. Lol, but I do invest myself a lot when I am streaming, so I am someone who love the interaction with chat, I have a LOT of energy to give, some good tricks in the games im playing (lately Apex) and if you are kind you can expect to get a cookie. Or more seriously to win one of my giveaway and wheres all of that? At

Watch live video from cabalette_ on

Here is one of the few clean clips I could find on Cabalette’s channel to showcase, lol!

Justin: I try to set a constant stream schedule that is consistent with my team of streamers and life always happens and someone can’t make a stream slot and I end up scrambling to find a cover streamers.  I always hear mixed advice on keeping a very clear consistent stream schedule, vs just streaming when you want and the loyal fans will find and get notifications and join.  Meanwhile I will say Cabalette can sometimes have the mouth of a sailor 🙂  You throw more rage burst F words than any streamer I have watched since I started visiting other streamers in the past several months.   I find the short explosive rage bursts entertaining, but just a warning if you are offended by bad language then Cabalette may not be your cup of tea.  Regardless, she is genuine and the nicest person outside of her Apex Legend rages, seriously you go from cool and comfortable to explosive and back to calm and cool in less than 10 seconds, I even saw a clip where you fell out of your chair with disbelief!

Do You Want to Give Any Shoutouts or Promote Anything?

Cabalette: Yes! First of all I want to thank @dragonblogger for this interview! You are a real savage beast so guys if you are reading this, go check out this savage beast! Then I would love to tell you about the amazing community I am in charge of. Team B42, we are a community of streamers willing to help each other with growing their channel and to help out our members we organize raids 4 times a day from our discord server, we have a $50 cash prize monthly contest, tournaments, community get together etc…. If you guys are interested in joining us feel free to use this discord invite : And more important, I want to thank you, yes yes you behind your screen who took the time to read all of this, so now you know about me feel free to join B42 and hit me up and tell me everything about you! Also my last shoutout would go to Benda42, for being such a amazing, inspiring, friendly and incredible person! Benda42 did and do so much for the others in the back scene that’s just incredible and that’s why I have a lot of respect for him. Make sure to show him some love Stay fancy

Justin:  Cabalette thank you for taking the time and you are the one who introduced me to Team B42 and how I got started in that group and it became my first Twitch team that I was invited to on Discord. I am also a big fan of Benda42 and so many other Team B42 streamers who take the time to visit and show support for fellow streamers.  I couldn’t emphasize enough that networking as a streamer is so important and it not only helps with finding people who can share advice, but you can really get help if you get demoralized or just find yourself in a rut and need idea’s or just to chat with other people going through what you are going through.  It feels good to help support others and pay it forward, as well as when that good will and support finds it’s way toward your own channel as well.