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Hey my name is Chris or Taco which ever you decide to call me. I am The G in LGBT+ variety streamer. I love interacting with my audience and have a community game night with marbles on stream. I am also 420 friendly and will know that anytime I play Phas or Marbles. I belong to an amazing discord server called BroNation but I am also looking to expand my reach. I am always happy on stream and love to do giveaways randomly. I play games like Valheim, Fortnite, Phasmophobia, The Forest, Outriders, Marbles on Stream, Rocket league, Warzone (which I will not stream) and many more. I have been told I am super funny as well as super caring. I also like to make jokes out of just about anyone and have been fairly good at turning channel trolls into followers. The most important rule about Taco Time is to stay Tacotastic! So come on by and join the Taco Squad!

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