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Hi there love! My twitch name is JayV33 and I have been streaming since January of 2020. How did I come up with this name? My first name initial starts with J, and my last name initial starts with V. So, I thought, why not put the two together and make something unique. The 3’s represent E’s, but backwards! A little blurb about what I stream is that I love shooters, rpgs, and indie games. The niche I would be in is variety! I’m very open to playing many things. Currently, I am playing a lot of league of legends, valorant, and outlast 2. I just started playing on PC two weeks ago because I just built my very first one ever! I also play on the nintendo switch as well! I would say one of the biggest reasons my community always comes back to watch is because I’m super talkative, friendly, and quirky. I always bring positive vibes to new friends and old friends. I’m always smiling, bubbly, and always want others to feel welcomed when they come to my channel! Scheduling wise, I am trying to stream 2-3 times a week! Other things about me is that I am a car enthusiast, favorite car is the nsx, or the bmw i8. I absolutely love being outside, food, and importantly video games! Feel free to stop by anytime, everyone and anyone is welcomed! Hope to see you soon!

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