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My pen name is Hikaroo and has been since I was about thirteen. I do a few things while I stream, just to have fun and spend time with the friends I make whilst on the platform. I stream art two days a week, which is sometimes commissions. I do sketches in my stream as it progresses, as a thank you if someone subs or gifts a sub. It’s fun and interactive. I stream cooking one day a week, so that I can just do something nice for my family while still spending time with my viewers. They really do seem to like it, despite my setup being something simple like my phone. xD One day a week I play games, usually story or RPG games, as I get awful motion sickness from most FPS games.
I adore streaming, and started after watching a few of my favorite people, DadTier and UnholyLucifer. It made me really want to get into it more, as I used to stream my art a long time ago, but had since stopped.
I find that streaming my art helps keep me improving and getting better, and it helps me make friends I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I wouldn’t trade what I do for anything, as I love the people that are in my community, and find them to be a part of my pseudo extended family. We just have a very fun and inclusive environment, and always work to be welcoming to those that come in. If someone can’t listen, I like to write them notes on my art page, which helps them feel included. This is also part of why I keep my stream family friendly, to open it up to audiences that can’t always watch all of the content on Twitch.
All of this I do while being a full time mom, and having a full time weekday job.

While I am awful at selling myself, I love what I do, and I love the people that decide to spend the most valuable thing that they have with me; their time.

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