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Hi my name is Sean AKA Thor. Here at fat_thor2 gaming we like to relax and have fun. Now don’t get me wrong, we certainly game hard but the goal is too have fun. I’m relatively new too streaming and look forward to having you join me on this adventure. You can look forward to seeing things like Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Splitgate, Back 4 Blood, PGA 2k21, MLB the Show 21, World of Warcraft, New World, and anything new that is exciting. There will be also occasional live streams of my life, whether its cooking, or maybe I’m out watching a ball game, or it could be bad weather.

As a founding member of Dad Bod Central, Im excited to announce our new merchandise!!! We are dedicated to giving back not only to our twitch community but to others in the world. Dad Bod Central became an official charity organization Jan 1 2022

You can find Fat_Thor2 also at: Twitch | Twitter | Instagram | http://dadbodcentral.com

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