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I am a father of two, lifelong gamer in all its mediums, urban fantasy author, and Necromancer. Eravander began as a Dungeons and Dragons character, then I brought him to life at LARP, and now it is my online handle in all things. The character is a charismatic, twisted, and friendly Necromancer with strong ideals that may not always line up with others expectation. I try to embody the friendliness and dark sense of humor while sharing my passion for gaming with my community. I began streaming on Twitch about two years ago where I quickly affiliated and gathered a small viewership before having my son, at which point taking care of him took priority. Now that he and my daughter are a bit older, I have found the time to pick things back up and I am working on rebuilding my community. I am a variety streamer that loves to play off the beaten path games and mix in big names. The latest being Fallout 76, Kingdoms of Amalur: reckoning, Borderlands 3, and Escape from Tarkov. I stream every weeknight from 7pm to 11pm Eastern time and foster an open, supportive chat where we specialize in weird conversations and fun times. I may be a software developer by day, but I am a dreamer by night and I dream of writing a best seller and streaming full time one day. So come watch as I plan out a love story between a bard school dropout and an undead corporate lawyer while exploring the games that inspire me.

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