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Hi im crazydaegana a crazy goth gamer girl with a crazy sense of humour to boot. 420 Friendly with a channel for people to come chill out without judgement. A mixture of games and i love to play with viewers. Come hang and let a load off x Here to help other streamers grow with me and share the love. Come join the crazy cupcake crew x I mainly play dead by daylight, Fortnite, paladins, call of duty zombies and apex (badly haha) but im always up for trying out new games. Love dragon age and rpgs and i do love blasting music while rocking with my viewers, come hit me up guys x No racist, harrassment or abuse in my chat please i want a safe relaxing place for my viewers without judgement. Cat lovers welcome. I usually stream in the morning and evening uk time and i will try to stick to this x

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